Vampirella #113 Magazine Sized 1st Harris Pub Graded 8.7


Vampirella #113 Magazine Sized 1st Harris Pub Graded 8.7

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This book is encased in a 2 MILL Mylar bag that has rated 100 year life span with a Acid free backing board. A quantity of 2 comic book Extenders are inserted in the book pages to prevent decay. Security Seal (tamper proof) tape is used to seal the bag and board containing the comic.

The sealed comic is then encased in a plastic top loader with security tape over the opening to prevent tampering and removal. 

 A unique serial numbered SNM Label is on the item that will show any tampering with the item that has been graded. A second identical label is placed on the graded certificate to establish providence of ownership.

The SNM serial number is also the folder identification used to contain all the item scans and grading documentation for reference.

Evidence of damage to the tamperproof seal tape or SNM serial number label would void the grade.

Sports’N’More Grading & Registration

Sports’N’More Grading & Registration is a professional grading service, that grades paper products including; comics, magazines, cards. Sports’N’More Grading & Registration operates out of a brick and mortar store at 7349 Lake Shore Boulevard, Mentor, Ohio, 44060. 

The retail outlet has been here for since 1995, but the business has been involved in comics since the 1960’s. 

The Sports’N’More Grading & Registration process is patent pending. We are the only company that has a unique process.

We are a grading service for customer product. In order to improve our grading process and for training purposes, we use our own inventory and put it up for sale. Items graded by the trainee are reviewed by the supervisor. 

Each item to be graded. is scanned into the computer. This process includes 48 areas of inspection. Including; 

Comic book modification

• Mold Spore

• Paper oder

• Review the page count

• Cover flatness

• All edges front and back

• Cover separation

• Cover centering

• Bindery issues

• Trim issues

• Corner damage

• Folds

• Scratches

• Dent damages

• Sun damage

• Staples

• Tears

• Creases

• All repairs

All items to be graded start with a perfect 100.00 points. Our grading system allows for as low as a .25 of a point to be selected. When the grading is complete, we convert the final score into the industry standard. Example; 100.00 points equals 10. A 65.00 would equal 6.5.

All records and scans are maintained in a file for future recall. 

Graded items are sealed with a hologram and tamper proof tape, to prevent removal from packaging. 

A matching hologram is applied on the individual certificate, the certificate identifies the final grade of the item. 

Files are maintained reflecting the item that was graded for insurance and theft purposes. 

If a customer requests removal for inspection, their is a minimal $25.00 fee, to replace all of the materials used for protection and containment of the item as they are not reusable.

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