What is A Pre-Order?

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At Sports’N’More, we accept pre-orders for comic books, sports cards, trading card games, Heroclix, and more.

We use Previews to order our product from. There are two Previews books every month.

Marvel Comics prints a copy of all their future product in their own book and Diamond Comic Distributor Prints a book that contains everything else.

See Samples below:

Previews Marvel

Previews Diamond

We make these books available to all customers. There is over 4000 items listed every month. We can’t bring it all in, but we will order in anything a customer wants.

We understand as collectors, that it is important to provide as much information to our customers that we can.The Previews books are a source that our customers learn about future books and storylines.

We allow customers to order from these books. The product arrives and is held at the store for pick up or shipment. Incoming freight is covered by Sports’N’More.

Please let us know what product you’re interested in and we’d be happy to walk you through the pre-order process.

  • Pre-Order Comic Books

  • Pre-Order Baseball Cards

  • Pre-Order Football Cards

  • Pre-Order Basketball Cards

  • Pre-Order Hockey Cards

  • Pre-Order Racing Cards

  • Pre-Order Magic the Gathering

  • Pre-Order Pokemon

  • Pre-Order YuGiOh

  • Pre-Order Other TCG/CCG

  • Pre-Order Heroclix

  • Pre-Order Other Gaming

  • Pre-Order Posters

  • Pre-Order Apparel

  • Pre-Order Supplies

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