Grading and Registration Overview

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Grading and Registration Overview

The responsibility of the Grader is to establish the condition of the item and not the value. The value is determined by the market demand of the product by collectors.

The condition of the item will allow the value to be confirmed / established when using price guides or internet sales data. As printed price guides take time to be printed and distributed, online sales reflect pricing/value trends daily.  Value will go up or down depending on the demand.

All item categories (cards, comics, stamps,coins, etc.) have different examination specifications. SNM will establish a grade spec for each kind of item that will be graded within the SNM Network of approved graders.

All customers are given an account number that is used for the SNM Owner / Registration Certificate and placed with the item or items to be graded. Records are maintained by the account number and the unique hologram number used on the graded item.

After the item has been graded, the information is stored on hard drives and the cloud for security reasons. The information is filed by the hologram number first 

The results of the grading and a scan or photo of the item is put on a SNM Owner / Registration Certificate. 

Both the item that is graded and the SNM Owner / Registration Certificate has a unique SNM tamperproof numbered hologram seal. Most items are secured in tamperproof enclosures. Larger items have the hologram seal put on the item directly matching the item to the SNM Owner / Registration Certificate.

If the item is sold or transferred to a new owner, the back of the SNM Owner / Registration Certificate allows for transfer of ownership of the item.

SNM will, for a fee, reissue a new SNM Owner / Registration Certificate referencing the hologram on the original SNM Owner registration certificate. The owner must keep old and new SNM Owner / registration card together as there are no replacement holograms. 

Loss of the original SNM Owner / Registration Certificate would require the item to be re-graded.

The SNM Owner / Registration Certificate provides security for the owner. If the item is lost due to fire, flood, or theft, the owner has evidence of owning the item and what it looks like. This information can be shared with insurance companies and law enforcement.

In the case that everything is lost, records can be generated showing all items the account number had graded with the SNM Owner / registration certificate program for a fee.

In the case of selling the item, the Buyer can be assured the item bring sold is not stolen or misplaced property. It also confirms the grade or condition of the item.

Upon completion of generating the Registration Certificate, the owner can pick the item up or if it needs to be shipped, the SNM Owner / Registration Certificate is mailed to the owner. The owner can establish a current value to be used for shipping insurance.

Once the insurance and shipping fee is paid, SNM or agents will ship the item.