What Should I Collect?

Having worked around comic books and collectibles including sports cards, Magic: The Gathering, for more than 20 years, you get a feeling for what’s hot and what’s not. When it comes to what’s worth it, opinions vary widely.


Action Comics Number 1

Some comics can end up being worth a LOT of money. Others, not so much.

Often, parents or grandparents would bring their children or grandchildren into the store to try and get them into a hobby, teaching them about investing in memorabilia or some such thing. Or we would have customers coming in shopping for relatives and friends that they knew collected things, but they weren’t sure what. One common question we have heard again and again over the years is “What should I collect?”


I think my father said it best when he said: “Collect what you like.”


Typically, when people are asking what they should collect, they are really asking what has the most chance to go up in value. That is a hard question to answer even for those of us who have been around the industry since childhood. The reality of it is that what people will buy today and what they will pay for the same thing years down the road varies greatly. Comic books—if you bought the right ones over the years—were once a pretty good bet. Who remembers the recent story of someone renovating their home and finding old issues of Superman in the walls? That was a nice windfall, but it is rare.


Today, people who want to read comics can quickly and easily download the latest digital copy to their iPad or laptop. It often runs about the same as a hardcopy, doesn’t take up any physical space, and you can read it again and again without worrying about the book getting damaged from your kids or flood waters. You can pick up retail versions of some comics at the few remaining bookstores around or even major retailers and discount stores. If you want to get into basketball, football, hockey, or baseball cards, you can decide whether you want to get hobby or retail packs. A number of items can only be purchased at a comic book store like Sports’N’More, but there is no guarantee on what is going to go up in value, by how much, or in how long or short a time period.


BCW card collecting supplies

Having the right supplies to store your comics, cards, and other collectibles can make a world of difference.

Whatever you buy, you want to make sure it’s something you enjoy. You are going to need space to store your collectibles. You will also need the proper collector supplies. That means acid-free PVC acrylics or plastic bags and backers, boxes, etc.  These are something you’re going to have to want to have around for years, maybe hand them down to your kids when the time is right. Whatever you collect, whether it be trading card games, comic books, baseball cards, signed footballs, etc., it almost assuredly won’t go up in value over night. Instead, it is going to take awhile.


So, we always advise to collect what you like, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Signatures can be worthless without a certificate of authenticity
  • Independent grading of a collection can be costly
  • Cards, comics, statues, etc. must be properly stored to retain and increase in value
  • Any increase in value will take time and is directly impacted by the rarity of the collectible

Of course, we’d be happy to help you in your collecting endeavors. Whether that means helping you find something you do enjoy—they have everything from Superman and Batman comics to cowboys and rock band comic books, collectible card games including Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! to trading cards representing famous artists, baseball cards as well as sports cards for most sports event golf and racing, statues, action figures, My Little Pony collectibles, and the list goes on. We can also help you get the right collecting supplies so that you know your stuff can stay protected over the years while it (hopefully) appreciates in value. If you’d like us to take a look at some of your older stuff and give you an idea of what it’s worth, we can do that too.


Be sure to stop in or give us a call today for any of your comic, sports card, collectibles, or gaming needs. (4404) 257-8944


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